Running as a theme throughout artist Lois Blackburn’s work is a desire to uncover people’s stories. Lois often collaborates with others, using art as a vehicle to explore subjects that might be embarrassing, painful, or simply hidden from view, be it loss, grief, health issues or body-image.

Lois often uses bright colours and familiar objects that draw you in, textiles that are stitched to connect us all.

This is art that supports people to relax, laugh, cry, find a little solace. It rejoices in peoples strength, shares ways to overcome adversity, frames experiences in new ways to understand, share & celebrate.


Out now, the book INSIGHTS is a reflection on creative practice in textile art. Through the publication and accompanying exhibition tour, the members of the Textile Study Group share their varied approaches to artistic practice: where ideas come from; how they develop and make work; where they work.