The pungent smell of Hawthorn

Day 2. Hawthorn also known as Maythorn or Whitethorn.

I set off on my morning forage full of expectation, the joys of spring, Ron tangling me up in his lead. I was after Hawthorn, not difficult to identify. You can eat the young leaves, berries and flowers- but personally I wouldn’t bother, its flowers are slightly almondy, slightly marzipan flavour- but not in a pleasant way. The leaves, very slightly nutty, but rather unpleasant. However they look really pretty!

And I’m not giving up, the Hawthorn is a circulatory tonic, and useful remedy for anxiety, stress and panic- and hurrah the traditional chosen alcohol for tincturing is Brandy- that’s worth a try!

As for the drawing- I enjoyed doing it, but next week will try with a different paper- this one is strangely spongy, the ink/paint does weird things. It’s very early days, so I won’t be to critical about the quality of my drawing. The subject matter is completely out of my comfort zone, so practice, experiment and play is what’s needed.

I’m off to the Co-op to buy a cheap bottle of brandy, tinctured hawthorn.… more on that in a few weeks.

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