We did it!

Thank you so much everyone who donated to the ‘Comfort’ Breast Quilt project, I’m thrilled to say we hit the target of £500! I’m so touched that 29 people have been inspired to help me work with vulnerable people.  

I’ve loved reading the wonderful comments people left when they donated, here are a few:

“I have worked on other projects inspired by Lois. I am fully committed to her work.”

“I took part in a previous project with Lois and benefited greatly from it so I am delighted that I can help give someone else the chance. Also in memory of my Mum’s boob which she misses after surgery to remove breast cancer.”

“I am really excited to contribute towards this wonderful project. I was lucky enough to breastfeed both my children into toddlerhood. It transformed the first months of our parenting, brought us together and made life so much easier. Boobs are amazing!”

“Such an inspirational piece”

This morning I met with some of the women from New Mills Women’s Group, who have just finished their pieces for the quilt, here they are:

Thanks so much to each and every one of you

If you have requested a fabric pack for yourself or a friend, I’ll be in touch soon for order details. I can’t wait to see what you make! 

“T*ts up, heads high – let’s do this.” Colette. 

Thanks again, all the best


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