The Ladies, knockers & Jugs

I don’t usually come to arts and crafts groups- but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I normally feel I can’t do anything, I haven’t the confidence… I think it was you Lois, you’re proper down to earth- I’ll definitely be coming back.


Yesterday was my first ‘Comfort’ The Breast Quilt, workshop session with the Women’s Group at the organisation Back on Track Manchester. Back on Track is a Greater Manchester Charity that enables people to make positive changes that last. The support adults experiencing multiple disadvantages.

The staff and volunteers at Back on Track put everyone at ease, the environment is friendly, relaxed and supportive. You feel safe, a little safe haven in the bustling city of Manchester.

My priorities for this first session was to start to build trust, create a safe space for us to talk freely, and aim to engage everyone in the creative activities. Being kind to ourselves seemed particularly important as the subject of Breasts can potentially be very triggering, and the double whammy that the act of creativity can make us feel vulnerable and revealing.

Our group of 10 supported and encouraging of each other both in conversations and artwork. Like my session with the New Mills Women’s group, our conversation about breasts was broad, at times shocking, sometimes funny. In both sessions we covered such subjects as Breast feeding, first bras, back ache and other physical discomforts from having large breasts, to breast surgery, unwanted touching, abusive comments and teenage anguish. There were many examples of low body image, with one women explaining she had never been at peace with her breasts. My hope is that whilst making these artworks, and talking in openly and honestly in these supportive environments, that we can all start to think a bit differently about our breasts, perhaps in time even come to love our boobs. If nothing else, I seem to have had a good impact on relaxing the group…

I could fall asleep listening to your voice, it’s so calming.


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