Would you like to take part in Comfort, the new Creative quilt making project on the theme of our Breasts?

You can now order your creative packs, with prices starting at just £7.00! When you purchase your pack, you are also supporting me to be able to give away packs for free to people facing financial barriers to joining in. Find out more by following the link. Thank you for your support.

September 2022 to January 2024

The project ‘Comfort’, investigates the subject of women’s breasts, stories so often disguised in humour and embarrassment. I’m gathering experiences from a wide cross section women, of different ages, and cultural backgrounds, including from people who are trans or non-binary. These stories, including my own are the basis for a new artwork, COMFORT a large embroidered quilt.

Every woman has a story about their breasts, from prepubescent hopes, to the realities of old age, from the joys or frustrations of breastfeeding, to sexualization, from operations and hormones for health or cosmetic issues, to Transgender women feminization. These are women’s stories of embarrassment, pleasure, pain and joy. 

Workshops will be held with women’s groups and trans groups, stimulating frank and informed conversations, with opportunities for joyful, creative engaging practical activities. Creative activities and ideas will also be offered through postal packs and on-line for anyone who wants to join in. 

Exhibitions of artwork created will be toured across the UK and on-line. More details to follow.

If you would like to find out more, or express your interest in joining in with the project, please use the contact form below.

You can also read other people’s stories, get up-dates and even share your own story at a dedicated Facebook page.

This project has been made possible through an award of public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Partners include: Back on Track, Black Women in Menopause, Blythe House Hospice, Derbyshire Children’s Services, Derbyshire LBGT+, Derbyshire Federation of Women’s Institute, Glasgow Women’s Library, Keeping Abreast, Lime Arts, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust, Worcester Medical Museum.

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