September 2022 to January 2024

‘COMFORT, gathers stories and artwork on the theme of breasts, creating a large embroidered quilt, that will be exhibited across the UK. 

Every woman has a story about their breasts, from prepubescent hopes, to the realities of old age, from the joys or frustrations of breastfeeding, to sexualization and harassment, from operations and hormones for health or cosmetic issues, to Transgender women feminization, to sexual pleasure and fun. These are women’s stories of embarrassment, pleasure, pain and joy.

“I’ve always attracted unwanted attention- had relationships with men who are only interested in me for my boobs”


“When perimenopause happened, to my horror despite not gaining any weight I went up another 5 cup sizes ending up as 30H…what was immediate post [reduction] surgery was how much deeper I could breathe. I have asthma and my peak flow meter showed an increase of 25% more lung capacity!”


This is a project for women and teenagers (including the Trans and Non-Binary Community) to tell their stories in their own terms, words and images. ‘COMFORT’ allows us to process our experiences and feel like our voices are being heard. Through creative activity, and a touring exhibition, this project supports people to build their self-image, self-esteem and confidence. 

Quilts are associations with COMFORT, warmth and safety, the perfect artwork to share our breast stories.

My embroidered boob is inspired by my joy in breastfeeding two little boy. The zzz, represent the blissful sleep that came along with it for us all.


Workshops are running with women’s groups, schools, people at risk of homelessness, women who’ve survived cancer, trans groups and art students. We’re having stimulating, frank and informed conversations, and creating opportunities for joyful, creative, engaging, thought provoking art making.

Creative activities are also offered through postal packs and on-line for anyone in the UK who wants to join in. (see below for details)

Exhibitions of artwork created will be toured across the UK and on-line from August 2023. More details to follow.

“I felt the project was a fantastic opportunity to communicate your feelings to other women, which made me feel less of an outcast and more included into a community.”

Anon (14-17 year old)

If you would like to find out more, or express your interest in joining in with the project, please use the contact form below.

You can read people’s stories, get up-dates and even share your own story at a dedicated Facebook page.

This project has been made possible through an award of public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Partners include: Back on Track, Black Women in Menopause, Blythe House Hospice, Derbyshire Children’s Services, Derbyshire LBGT+, Derbyshire Federation of Women’s Institute, Glasgow Women’s Library, Keeping Abreast, Lime Arts, Poland Syndrome Charity PIP, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust, Worcester Medical Museum.

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